Military Monday’s

militaryLogosJazzy Gourmet Popcorn has dedicated Monday’s to the military. If you serve currently, or are retired, Monday’s will be your day to grab the best discount for the best popcorn in Alaska. Just show your active, retired or dependent valid ID card, and we will take 20% off your entire total. If you are a part of our loyalty program we will take an additional 5% off the total. That’s 25% off!

We want to honor the service you provide to ensure our freedoms, and we recognize that you make a financial sacrifice during your active duty. We want to make it easier for you to get the Jazzy popcorn you want, so every Monday will be Mad About the Military Monday. Even if you’re not a current Loyalty program member, you still get 20% off, but you can join our Loyalty program, and get the additional 5% off the next Monday you come in.

If you don’t have a lot of time, but still want the popcorn fix, use our PopIn/PopOut service. Just call in your order, give us 10 minutes, then come into the store, skip the line and give your name to the counter person and pay for your purchase. No line, no fuss.

Let us show you how much we appreciate your sacrifice each and every week. And on this Memorial Day, lets each of us remember what the flags in the cemeteries across this country represent. They designate the resting place of an individual who served this country with courage, honor and integrity. Bless those individuals as you pass by the gates of JBER, and thank those you know who are currently serving, or those who have served in the past. Without that 2% of the population guarding the freedoms of this country, the life of the other 98% could be very different.