[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][dh_testimonial background_transparent=”” fx=”scroll” visibility=”all” el_class=””][dh_testimonial_item title=”Love Jazzy Mix!” tab_id=”1459054154-1-41″ text=”I am enjoying your Jazzy Mix gourmet popcorn right now. It is the closest thing to heaven I’ve experienced since returning home to San Diego from Anchorage last night. We are super excited we purchased enough bags of popcorn to give to our friends back home and also have leftover to enjoy ourselves. I think the Jazzy Mix is my favorite. Thank you for the free samples and your kindness at the market.” author=”Kelly P” company=”Anchorage, AK”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][dh_testimonial_item title=”Finally!!!” tab_id=”1459054154-2-99″ text=”FINALLY!!! I have been looking for a good cheesy popcorn, and after wasting $$ after $$ on others (and I’ve tried them all), I’m SO glad to have finally found you! The cost is worth the quality!” author=”Jenn” company=”Anchorage, AK”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][dh_testimonial_item title=”Love at first bite!!” tab_id=”1459054154-3-95″ text=”Just tried several flavors. WOW!! Amazing stuff! we are hooked! If you can only choose one, start with the Chicago – wouldn’t have put those flavors together, but they WORK!!” author=”Sharon” company=”Facebook.com”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][dh_testimonial_item title=”At the Market!” tab_id=”1459054565242-3-4″ text=”WOWSERS! Met you guys at the market a few weeks ago and got the Jazzy mix to take home to my Chicagoan Husband. We LOVE it! Thanks for being at the Market!!” author=”Heidi” company=”Facebook.com”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][dh_testimonial_item title=”LOVE!!!” tab_id=”1459054621889-4-7″ text=”Love the Avalanche!!! and the Hotwings” author=”Amy” company=”Facebook.com”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][dh_testimonial_item title=”Illegal!!!” tab_id=”1459054688768-5-7″ text=”It should be illegal to make something so addictive!!! Golden nugget was definitely my family’s favorite of the two.” author=”Emily” company=”Facebook.com”]
[/dh_testimonial_item][/dh_testimonial][vc_column_text visibility=”all”]

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Alaska Bites features Jazzy Gourmet Popcorn in Feb 2015. Click the image above to see the news cast.